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  • (Video) - 10 Tips for Making Sure Your Guitar is Set Up Properly (value: $100)

    After watching this unique guide, you'll know how to get your guitar in shape for maximum enjoyment.

  • (Video) - How to Choose a Tuner (value: $100)

    Watch as David puts 7 different types of tuners/tuning processes through their paces to evaluate what might be the most effective for your stage of guitar playing.

  • (Video) - How I Restring My Guitar (value: $100)

    Learn the battle-tested restringing process David has developed over the course of more than 2 decades of playing - some great inside tips for getting your guitar strings right where they belong.

  • (Video & 15-page PDF) – “My Sweet, Sweet Song” (value: $100)

    Jump right in and start learning your first song with us, one that was written by David for the members of GuitarSuccess4U.  Work through 14 levels of play, whether you’ve been playing for years, or are just starting out!

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