Playing the guitar can be a great way to thrive.

...but what if you can't seem to make progress?



Do you long for something more?

  • Have you wanted to learn to play the guitar, but didn’t know where to begin? 
  • Are you looking for a creative outlet that uses a different part of your brain than your job does? 
  • Did you used to play guitar back in the day, but now you feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting up again? 
  • Do you have a collection of guitars that are calling out to you to play them? 
  • Do you feel like you've hit a plateau with your guitar playing? 
  • Are there gaps in your musical knowledge that you'd like to fill in? 
  • Do you long for community where you can connect and collaborate?

I've been right where you are.

But my journey didn't end there, and yours doesn't have to either.  I've learned a lot of tools and techniques on the guitar, and I want you to learn them too. That's why I've created GuitarSuccess4U - an online monthly guitar membership to help you take your guitar playing to the NEXT level.

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My name is David Harsh.

I’m a musician, songwriter, performer, recording artist, worship leader, student, and teacher.  Over the course of more than 25 years I’ve learned and developed tips and techniques that have transformed the way people understand the guitar. 


Through my college music degree and weekly guitar lessons, I learned a ton about music.  I went on to travel far and wide, learning from six of the best guitarists in the world.  My love for guitar grew even stronger.

I can confidently say that the acoustic rhythm guitar is an extension of my musical expression.

  • Singer/Songwriter, Performer

    My expression on the guitar has included original music.  I recorded and recouped 4 original guitar-driven albums, which led to lots of touring.


    I’ve enjoyed playing this instrument thousands of times in front of eager audiences all over North America that ranged from a dozen people in a house concert to thousands of people in a grandstand and just about everything in between.  I won national and regional competitions and collaborated with my guitar in an ensemble setting, from a duo to a full orchestra.


    But in addition to meeting people who wanted to listen to me play, I consistently encountered people who wanted me to teach them something on the guitar.  So eventually, I took a step of faith and began to share my knowledge. 

  • Guitar Teacher

    I eventually ended up teaching 50 private students a week, with a waiting list.  My time was devoted one-to-one, but my time was limited


    Even while I was performing and touring, I still had the desire to teach.  However, my schedule did not allow me to continue teaching private lessons.  So I went on to create and present over a dozen different guitar seminars, to large groups of students at regional conferences.  I taught hundreds of seminars around North America.  And do you know what?  I kept hearing some of the same kinds of relevant guitar-related questions from my students.  But again, my time was limited to the hour-long seminar format, so I crammed all the content in that I could.  People got inspired, but some got a little overwhelmed.

  • Symposium Host & DVD Instructor

    To help meet the need of “more content” in just a little more time, I created and hosted events like an annual Guitar Symposium weekend or a Guitar Boot Camp.  Space for registrants was limited, but so was time.   Students left still wanting to learn more.


    Finally, I recorded a professional instructional guitar DVD (published by Hal Leonard) and I kept selling out of my inventory.  But the DVD had a time limit, and it felt like a one-way conversation.

    All these teaching environments had something in common...a time limit.

    My students wanted more, and I wanted to offer more.  Then everything changed.

    I have discovered a way to offer a community where people feel inspired, equipped, and supported, in an ongoing way.  And what is one of the biggest blessings of this new approach?  My teaching time is no longer limited, because now it can be multiplied.


    If you're still reading and resonating with this, it's time for you to take the next step.

    That NEXT STEP is to join GuitarSuccess4U.


    When you join my online monthly membership, this becomes your community for guitar inspiration and learning.  You will be able to take your guitar playing to the NEXT level through:

    • Video Lessons

    • mp3 audio files of lessons

    • PDFs of lesson material

    • Members only Facebook group

    • Group Zoom Calls

    • Bonus materials

    • Interviews with Experts

    • Ongoing encouragement and accountability

    Ready to join GUITARSUCCESS4U?

    "Eddie Ate Dynamite..."

    As you probably know, there are 6 strings on a standard guitar, and I’ll bet you know the 6 letters that name the notes they are tuned to from low to high - EADGBE.  One of my favorite memory devices for those letters is “Eddie Ate Dynamite...Good Bye, Eddie!” 


    But I’m also thinking about an even more important word that contains 6 letters: THRIVE!  Let me unpack for you 6 of the many benefits you'll receive as a member of GuitarSuccess4U:


    I’m all about offering you practical, tangible tools to enhance your skill set.  We’ll cover a lot of relevant, practical material, and I’ll provide videos, audio files, transcripts and PDF worksheets to meet every learning style.  But I'm not just going to put a bunch of content online and leave you to it.  Nope!


    With all these tools, you’ll need some support and help.  I’ll be here to guide you through and to develop these tools, not just as I teach them, but I’ll review them and revisit them from multiple angles for maximum implementation and retention.  But I won’t be the only one speaking into your musical world…


    We will be in a members only guitar community through GuitarSuccess4U.  That’s right, lessons will include private Facebook Live sessions, Zoom calls, and the opportunity to be encouraged, and experience accountability.  Members will have the chance to offer feedback to me about what is most helpful, what is less helpful, and what the group may need me to expand upon.  I’ll also bring in occasional musical experts to help me equip you.  We need community!  You can’t get that from a DVD or a guitar method book, right?


    There’s nothing quite as inspiring as the opportunity to apply what you’re learning.  Witnessing and hearing about improvement in yourself and others in our guitar community will energize and inspire you as we grow together.  Bonus content will occasionally be added, which could act as a catalyst to inspire you to accomplish things even you didn’t think you could do.


    Any victory, no matter how small, is something to rejoice in, and something that can be shared.  Whether you’ve learned your first chord, or you’ve composed your first song, or recorded your first album, these are all victories.  I’m here to guide you to be victorious and to celebrate with you!


    Music is something that can be deeply satisfying.  Unfortunately, not all the music teachers I studied with over the years “got the memo” that there should be joy and fun as a part of the process.  Don’t worry.  I got the memo.  And I’ve even enhanced it a bit!  I’m here to stir up the joy in you as you dig into the guitar with me.

    What does that spell?  "THRIVE!"


    But to thrive, you have to want to thrive, and to take forward action steps.

    Ready to thrive at  GUITARSUCCESS4U?

    “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

    - Benjamin Franklin

    So, when it comes to growth and progress as a guitarist...

    You could do nothing. 

    You could go on with your life, not take action, and perhaps live with some regret about not chasing your dreams on guitar.  Regret can be a lasting thing, though, and it can be contagious to those around you.  You may always wonder what would have happened if you had pursued the guitar. 


    Have you ever met someone who quit playing their instrument?  We all have!  Do those people ever speak positively about that choice?  There’s often an overwhelming aching tone to their words when they say something like “I sure wish I had stuck with it.”  This is not a great choice, and it’s not the choice I want for you.

    Or, you could take hold of your potential and pursue your guitar dreams through GuitarSuccess4U!

    This is where you can thrive and experience the joy of music you’ve longed for.  Joy is also contagious!

    • What if you brought an end to some of your bad musical habits?

    • What if the next time you sat down to play, you felt further along than before?

    • What if friends asked you to bring your guitar to a gathering and you got really excited about sharing something?

    • What if an impromptu jam session broke out somewhere, you reached for a guitar, and you knew what to do?

    • What if you were inspired to write a song for a loved one and finally had the tools to do it?

    • What if someone you knew needed some help on their musical journey and you could speak into their world with empathy and strategy?

    • What if you could become the guitarist you were made to be? 

    Would that bring you your definition of success? I would love to find out with you!

    Want to join GUITARSUCCESS4U?

    “Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” 

    - Ferris Bueller


    Stop and look this where you want to be with guitar?

    Or do you aspire to something more?


    What if, several years from now, you could look back to this season?  What would you say to yourself?  Would you be glad you took the leap?  Now is your opportunity.

    Please join me at GuitarSuccess4U

    I’m excited for you to take your guitar playing to the next level, whether it's from “none” to “fun” or from “good” to “great!”


    With anticipation,


    David Harsh


    "I have no formal music background.  I took guitar lessons as a kid, but didn't learn much music theory, chord structure, etc.  David's teaching has really turned on the lights for me."

    "David revolutionized my guitar playing. He has an amazing knowledge of music theory and guitar, and was able to bring it down to my learning level. He was so very patient as he taught me, and it was so fun that I could not wait to practice. Every time I play guitar, I use things David taught me. I am not the same guitar player because of him.”

    Nancy Lowe

    "I don't love to go through guitar method books.  David met my need by taking something potentially complicated and he made it simple, clear and accessible.  Within minutes of learning that concept from David, I had the tools to apply it and put it into practice."

    Nathan Welch

    "I've enjoyed playing the guitar for decades, and have used it in a few different settings, including a live rock band, recordings, and leading worship.  David's ability to fill in some of the gaps in my guitar knowledge really unlocked the fretboard for me.  I can now use the capo in new and intentional positions and keys that I didn't realize were just outside my view. What I thought was beyond my reach is now within my grasp. Thank you David!"

    Peter Kozushko

    Don't wait any longer to pursue your guitar success.

    A highly experienced teacher and a wonderful community are waiting for you.

    Join GuitarSuccess4U.  It's time.


    What is the correct way to strum?

    This short video could change the way you look at strumming!

    What's my favorite open G Major chord voicing?

    There are several good ways to fret an open G Major chord.  Want to know the one I think rises above the rest?  Watch this short video.

    One last thing...

    I’m still learning, touring, writing, leading from, and playing the guitar onstage on a regular basis. 

    At GuitarSuccess4U, I will be teaching things that I continue to use.  And I’ll bring new, fresh content as it becomes a part of what I do.  I look forward to joining you on your journey towards GuitarSuccess4U!

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